Drums Along the Pacific Live Blogged

johncage 70 years ago, John Cage and Lou Harrison staged a series of percussion recitals dubbed Drums Along the Pacific.  The Cornish College of the Arts is reviving the concept with a series of four concerts this weekend.  Thursday: Henry Cowell; Friday: Lou Harrison; Saturday: John Cage; and Sunday

: Gamelan music.  In addition to concerts, Cornish is also sponsoring a series of lectures and educational events.  You can get event details here.

In a first for The Gathering Note

, I will be live blogging the John Cage Marathon.  You can read my instant reactions and peruse additional content here.  Be sure to book mark the page, or just go to the Live Blog page at www.gatheringnote.com.

Think you might forget?  Enter your e-mail address in the upcoming live event widget on the front page and you’ll receive a reminder e-mail.

I hope you will make it to Poncho Hall for some or all of the Drums Along the Pacific festivities.  If you can’t, tune into The Gathering Note’s first live blog.


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