The Seattle Opera is doing it again; appealing to a younger demographic with a creative way to frame opera in a way that is understandable to most twenty and thirty-somethings.  In conjunction with this summer’s production of “the Ring,” the Seattle Opera is launching a  contest for one lucky winner to be part of a ten minute documentary – “Confessions” –  tracking the latest production of “the Ring.”

Contestants must fill out an application and submit a one or two minute video on why they would be the perfect host for the documentary.  The winner (and I like this the best) must be comfortable with Twitter, blogging, and social networking sites like Facebook.  For better or worse, the way forward for classical music and opera will be with digital and Internet technology.

One of the unending challenges of classical music these days is how to reach new audiences with technology.  Technology holds a lot of promise, but so far no one technology offers the ideal way to reach a younger audience while balancing the needs of the current audience, which in my opinion seems less comfortable with technology.  Younger people are more content with a constant stream of small packets of information like what the micro-blogging service Twitter offers.  RSS feeds and blogs are the way a new generation of people get their news.

More information on the contest can be found here.


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