Der Ring des Nibelungen

The Ring starts tomorrow and the The Gathering Note will be there. For the rest of the month, we will be covering this once-ever-four-year operatic event. Come by The Gathering Note regularly for:

  • RM Campbell’s reviews of the first cycle
  • My own thoughts on the event and performances as a first time Ring goer
  • Special audio and video interviews with key people and performers
  • Feature stories by Philippa Kiraly on the technical aspects of this Ring
  • James Bash will report from the second cycle.
  • You can also follow The Gathering Note on Twitter where I will be providing updates from McCaw Hall

If you are going to the Ring, and don’t mind being interviewed for a few minutes after each performance or during intermission, send me an e-mail at I hope to include audience reactions on this site for each cycle.

Happy Ringing!


4 thoughts on “Der Ring des Nibelungen

  1. Um, oh golly. Just saw your Nazi twitpic reposted on Slog. Really?? What on earth was going on there? How was someone in a Nazi costume allowed into a public place with ushers and security? (And what did his armband say?)

  2. Glad someone commented on this. My husband and I have been wondering about this since we first saw him in the lobby on Sunday eve. The armband looks like it says “HSS”. Curious to know what his reasoning is for the attire. It’s definitely causing a stir.

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