Quarter notes: upcoming

Composer John Luther Adams

The Seattle Symphony is performing Tchaikovsky’s Sixth Symphony this weekend with guest conductor Arild Remmereit.  Remmereit and I had a good conversation about Tchaikovsky and Mozart a week ago Friday.  The musicians I spoke with are excited to work with him again, remembering his successful concert with the orchestra three years ago.  Be sure to watch the video I made with Remmereit to get the true measure of this conductor’s ideas on Mozart and Tchaikovsky.  On Saturday, Avant Garde composer John Luther Adams will be at the Chapel performance space in Wallingford.  Pianist Christina Valdes and percusionist Steve Schick will be playing a selection of pieces for piano and percussion.  Adams’s music is a cross between the meditative sounds of Morton Feldman and the crashing, upheavals often found in Iannis Xenakis’s works.  If new music isn’t to your liking, the Early Music Guild presents Musica ad Rhenum with Baroque flutist Jed Wentz on Saturday.  Also on Saturday, the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra presents its very first complete program which showcases Andrew Sumitani playing Bruch’s First Violin Concerto, Haydn’s Symphony No. 104 (London), and Mozart’s Symphony No. 38 (Prague).  Finally, on Tuesday Lise de la Salle returns to Meany Hall for a program of Beethoven and Prokofiev.


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