Quarter Notes: May Day, Higdon, and Hadelich

One of the Seattle Chamber Music Society’s newer festival musicians – Augustin Hadelich – was earlier this week.

A new classical music review mega site is being launched by Chicago based critics Lawrence Johnson. endeavors to be a one stop review site for people seeking out concert and record reviews. The emergence of an online presence for classical music has shifted the debate (for me at least) from will arts journalism be able to survive in the 21st Century to what is the best model for arts journalism in the 21st Century?

in music for her Violin Concerto. Most classical music buffs know this by now. I am in the process of editing an interview I did with Robert Spano (who is in Seattle to conduct the Seattle Symphony in John Adams’ Harmonielehre) and we talked at some length about Higdon. Spano is one of Higdon’s most ardent supporters on the podium. Spano says in the interview that it took time to build Higdon’s relationship with the Atlanta Symphony (his home orchestra) but now she is mobbed in the lobby by music lovers who treat her like a classical music rock star. Congratulations Ms. Higdon! And, look for my video with Spano tonight.

Another reminder, this Saturday is . For 12 hours and $5 you can come hear the city’s best contemporary and new music acts and advocates. Some of the highlights include: the Pacific Rims Percussion Quartet playing John Cage’s Living Room Music; music by Fredric Rzewski played by Christina Valdes; Steve Reich’s Tehilliam; and Henry Cowell’s String Quartet No. 4 performed by the St. Helens Quartet. I’ll be introducing acts from 1-3 pm and 7-9 pm. Hope to see you there.

The NY Times finally has finally run an .


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