Quarter notes: May Day! May Day!

I’ll be up at Town Hall tomorrow from 1 pm until 1 am co-hosting May Day! May Day’s! new music festivities along with Dave Beck (KUOW) and Gavin Borchert (Seattle Weekly). I assure you, it will be a lot of fun. In addition to being fun, it only costs $5. When was the last time you were able to hear 12 hours of new music in Seattle for $5? Probably never.

If you absolutely cannot attend, even for 2 hours, check back here through the day. I hope to be posting, doing a little live blogging, and sharing different media (photos, video, sound recordings, etc).  There will be some tweetting as well (www.twitter.com/gatheringnote).

Speaking of tweeting. The Seattle Opera is tweeting the entire libretto of their new opera Amelia (@AmeliaLibretto) in the run up to opening night on May 8th. If Twitter isn’t your thing, do check out Seattle Opera’s library of . Seattle Opera has everything (and more) you need to get the most out of Amelia. I’ve posted some of the videos here, but there are many more to see.

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