Quarter notes

Lots going on this weekend.  The Seattle Modern Orchestra — Julia Tai’s creation — gears up for a concert tomorrow night at Cornish.  Then on Sunday there is a free George Shangrow memorial concert at Benaroya Hall.  The concert program itself is a mix of various pieces organizers knew Shangrow adored.  This is the second memorial concert for Shangrow.  The first one happened this summer, after Shangrow’s untimely death.  Memorial concerts are nice testaments and this one will be no different. I do wonder if all of this memorializing is obscuring Shangrow’s legacy as a renegade force in the music community who had no problem thumbing his nose at authority and accepted conventions.  Every time the establishment came down on Shangrow he found a new way to survive and thrive. Adam Stern leads the Philharmonia Northwest this weekend in another concert that highlights Vaughan Williams.  Its his last (for the time being) with the orchestra.  other guest conductors will take the podium for the remaining programs this season.

Two classical music legends passed away this week: Rudolph Barshai and Henryk Groecki.  Gorecki will be remembered for his 3rd Symphony and Barshai for his orchestrations of Shostakovich’s string quartets.

Update: I forgot a performance.  The Thalia Symphony kicks off their new season after considerable uncertainty.  Stephen Radcliffe has taken over as music director.   Musicians are in high spirits.  The orchestra even has a new home at Town Hall.


One thought on “Quarter notes

  1. Sunday night’s Benaroya concert will be the only memorial concert for George by OS/SCS. Some members of OS/SCS and friends played music at George’s memorial service in August, but that was a memorial service, not a concert. Sunday night’s concert is an opportunity for the orchestra/chorus/soloists and the community (many of whom were not able to attend or take part in George’s memorial service) to celebrate the life of this extraordinary man who touched so many lives. I would imagine that if George could thumb his nose right now, it would be at the preposterous notion that the very organization he spent his life’s work building up, giving a concert to celebrate his life, was somehow contributing to obscuring of his legacy.
    But perhaps that’s just me…..after all, I only worked with him for 12 years.
    Shari Muller-Ho
    Principal Flute, Orchestra Seattle

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